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Pattern Programs

Create your very own collection of contemporary embroidery pieces with my #SKBDIY Pattern Programs including my monthly Pattern Subscription Service and Advanced Pattern Pop-Ups, all available exclusively on Etsy!

For more information, check out my Pattern Program FAQ down below.

  • A new pattern design is released on Etsy on the 1st of each month and retired at the end of each month.

  • Designed with all skill levels in mind from embroidery beginners to seasoned stitchers.

  • Designs are available as individual single-month downloads or as multi-month subscriptions with discounts built right in (woohoo!). See Etsy listings for details.

  • All patterns are digital and with your purchase you will receive a series of PDFs as Instant Downloads directly through your Etsy account. *With a multi-month subscription, the current pattern at the time of purchase will be available as an instant download and subsequent patterns will be emailed directly to your inbox.

  • PDFs include: Terms and Conditions, Pattern Package (an introduction letter, materials list, one method of transfer, one color scheme, an illustrated stitch glossary, and step-by-step instructions with pictures and lots of tips), and a single page pattern for printing.

  • Pattern subject matter varies from month to month and may include potted houseplants, land/sea/cityscapes, wildflowers, crystals, and more. My pattern designs are inspired by my interests, travels, and experiences.

  • Estimated stitch time: 6+ hours depending on your experience and skill level--embroidery is by its nature a slow process.

Monthly Add-ons:

  • In addition to the standard monthly designs, usually a monthly Add-On will also be available, offering variations such as additional design elements, pattern expansions, alternate colorways, or outlining more advanced techniques.

  • The Add-On PDF packets will vary from month to month and will be fully described in their individual Etsy listings.

  • The Add-On's are intended to be used in addition to the monthly patterns, therefor they will not include the full instructions and resources of the main monthly design packet, but will build upon that information.

  • The monthly Add-On's will be beginner-intermediate in skill level and will add to the stitch time of the original monthly designs.

  • Multi-month subscriptions do not include Add-On Patterns. If you like the extra content, you will have to make that additional purchase separately.

Pop-up place pattern collections:

  • These pop-up pattern collections are inspired by specific places I have traveled and experienced. Like all of my patterns, they are available for limited time frames only.

  • Each pattern within the collection will be available individually or as a complete collection.

advanced pattern pop-ups:

  • A few times throughout the year I will offer advanced pattern designs.

  • Designed for those who have already participated in my monthly Pattern Subscription Program or those who have other previous embroidery experience. These patterns are not designed with beginners in mind.

  • Designs will be available as individual single-month downloads only.

  • Availability will be limited to one month from the date the design is released. For example, if an advanced pattern is released on June 18th, it will only be available through July 18th.

  • All patterns are digital and with your purchase you will receive a series of PDFs as Instant Downloads directly through your Etsy account.

  • PDFs include: Terms and Conditions, Pattern Package (an introduction letter, materials list, multiple color schemes, design variations for extra personalization, and step-by-step instructions with supporting image details and clarifying illustrations.

  • Pattern subjects will vary, but will likely include interior scenes, patterned textiles, more complex landscapes, cityscapes, still lives, bouquets and plant collections or anything else that falls in line with my work and/or experiences. Each pattern will be designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

  • Estimated stitch time: 15+ hours depending on your abilities and personalizations.


All patterns are written in English and all pattern purchases are final. For your convenience, you can find all Pattern Program Terms and Conditions here.



what will I receive when I make a pattern program purchase?

When you purchase any of my #SKBDIY patterns from my Etsy shop, you will receive a series of PDFs as instant downloads available directly through your Etsy account.  Unless otherwise specified in the Etsy listing, these PDFs will include the Pattern Program Terms and Conditions; a printable pattern for transfer; and a multi-page PDF packet composed of introduction letter, recommended materials list, color suggestions, illustrated stitch glossary, and step-by-step instructions with images and tips for finishing your project.

If you have purchased a multi-month subscription, you will have access to the current month’s PDF package upon checkout and subsequent patterns will be emailed to you on the first of every month to the email address that you provided in the 'Note to Seller' section at checkout.

No physical materials are included and all Pattern Program purchases are final. Read full Pattern Program Terms and Conditions here.

after checkout, HOw do i access my instant download on etsy?

Here is a great article from Etsy on how to locate and download you PDFs.

I've never embroidered before, will i be able to make your patterns? // I have lots of embroidery experience, will your patterns be good for me?

In either case, you’re in luck! My monthly Pattern Subscription Program is designed to suit all skill levels from embroidery beginners to seasoned stitchers. These monthly patterns are chock full of useful tips and tricks that will walk you through every step of the making process from deciding on the materials to hanging your finished piece on the wall. PLUS, there is always room to adjust the design to your needs by simplifying certain elements or by letting yourself get carried away with the process and enhancing the design with your own decorative touch.

Additionally, I am so excited to also offer occassional Advanced Pattern Pop-Ups, specifically designed for those who have already participated in my monthly Subscription Program and are eager for new challenges.

When are new designs available as patterns?

A new design for my monthly Pattern Subscription Program is always available on the first of each month. These patterns are only available during the month in which they are released, so if you see something you like, don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Advanced patterns are available less regularly. I will do my very best to release new advanced designs every three months, however this schedule is subject to change without notice. Because of this slightly more flexible release schedule, advanced patterns will not be available in a multi-month/multi-pattern subscription model. However, the availability of advanced patterns will still be limited to month-long stretches. (For example, if an advanced pattern is released on March 15th, it will be available for purchase on Etsy until April 15th.)

I missed out on last month's pattern, can I buy it now?

All Pattern Subscription Program designs are released on the 1st and available through the end of that given month, at which point the design is retired and replaced with something new. The same goes for advanced patterns. Though they won’t always be released on a specific day, those designs will also only be available for purchase in month-long stretches.

So, if you see something you like, don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of emails I receive, requests for past patterns may not be answered.

I WANT TO BUY A MULTI-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION, BUT WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE A PATTERN?  CAN I EXCHANGE IT FOR A DIFFERENT ONE? // I already have a multi-month subscription, can I replace one of my monthly patterns with an advanced design?

I will only release one pattern for each month and it is not possible to exchange or request a different one.  I am working very hard to create fun and interesting patterns every month, but I certainly can’t account for everyone’s taste.  I will be rotating through content including mineral crystals, houseplants, cacti, seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, wildflowers, and anything else that happens to inspire me.  If you are unsure of what to expect, you can scroll through my Instagram feed and check out my past Etsy sales.  The subject matter of each new month will be a surprise and if you aren’t sure you will be interested in those categories, then maybe buying individual patterns is the better choice for you.

The monthly Pattern Subscriptions and the Advanced Pattern Pop-Ups are two distinct programs and are not interchangeable. If you are a current subscriber and are interested in an advanced pattern, you will need to purchase that design separately.

I bought a multi-month subscription, but now I've changed my mind and don't want to complete the program. can I cancel my order and get a refund?

All Pattern Program purchases are final. Please read all available information carefully before completing your purchase to make sure you are buying the right product for you.

I know you used to offer 6 and 12-month subscriptions, but now I don't see those options. Are they still available?

For the time being, the 6 and 12-month subscription lengths have been discontinued. Currently, my monthly patterns are available as single downloads or 3-month subscriptions (which have a 15% discount built right in!) and advanced patterns will be available individually. 

If you are a current 6 or 12-month subscriber, you will continue to receive your pattern files by email for the remainder of your subscription.

What is the difference between your monthly pattern subscription program and your advanced pattern pop-ups?

My monthly patterns are designed for all skill levels from embroidery beginners to seasoned stitchers. These patterns include a design for transfer, one color scheme, a pattern-specific illustrated stitch glossary, material recommendations, and very thorough step-by-step instructions from transferring the design to fabric to hanging your piece on the wall and all the stitching in between.  These monthly designs will take approximately 3-6 hours to complete depending on your experience level and stitch speed.

My advanced patterns are designed for those who have already participated in my monthly pattern program for a few months and feel confident about their stitching abilities or folks who have independent embroidery experience. These patterns include the design for transfer, multiple color schemes, design variations for additional personaization, step by step instructions with images and clarifying illustrations.  However, the advanced patterns do not include directions for how to transfer the design from paper to fabric or a full stitch glossary. Those purchasing the advanced pattern should already be familiar with embroidery techniques and materials and have their own preferred transfer methods in place (or at the very least, should be willing to do additional research and experimentation on their own).

Once I get my download, can i make copies and share them with my friends?

Please don’t.  These patterns are designed for personal use only.  That means that when you purchase and download a pattern you are the only authorized user and can create the project for yourself or gift the finished piece to friends or family.  You are not authorized to distribute or share the pattern itself with anyone else.  

It basically comes down to the honor system.  I work very hard to develop these patterns and rely on them to support myself and family.  The unauthorized distribution of these materials hurts my ability pay my bills and could lead to the termination of this program.  So please, be cool and don’t do it.

If your friends and family are amazed by your stitching (as I know they will be!) and are interested in creating their own pieces of contemporary embroidery, please kindly refer them to my site so they can decide for themselves what subscription option might be right for them.

So, I can't gift a pattern or Pattern subscription itself to someone else?

If you are purchasing a pattern subscription as a gift for a friend, please (please, please) include that information and the recipient’s email address in the ‘Notes to Seller’ section at checkout.  The first pattern will be available to you as an Instant Download directly through Etsy once your payment has been processed.  It is your responsibility to retrieve and forward this initial download to your friend (this is where the honor system kicks in again) and all remaining patterns in the subscription will be emailed directly to the provided email address on the first of each subsequent month.


Under no circumstances are you allowed to commercially distribute this pattern or what you make with it.  Every design I make is protected by copyright.  Again, these patterns are for personal use only and may not be used commercially in any way.  That includes the patterns themselves and whatever you may make using my patterns. If I discover that you have misused these patterns, I will be forced to take legal action and at the very least a termination of your subscription without refund. Let's not go down this road, it's all meant to be fun!

examples of past patterns:

(These are some of the designs that have been included in past. These designs have been retired, but you can get a sense of the types of projects included.)

© Sarah K. Benning 2016