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Don't Look at Me

sold out

Don't Look at Me

400.00 800.00


- 7 x 7 inches (approx. 18 x 18 cm)

-Wooden Hoop, Embroidery Thread, Linen

-The back of the stitching is left exposed.

-Ready to hang.


This one of a kind embroidered artwork began as a pencil drawing before it was painstakingly hand stitched.  The back of the stitching is left uncovered, exposing the intricate knots and overlapping threads.

This is a continuation of the Girl Gang series. This piece is an explosion of color and texture.  A mysterious figure surrounded by a blooming agave plant and a nagative-space brick wall.  Countless hours were invested in this composition as each detail was meticulously hand stitched over the course of several weeks. This piece was included in the Women exhibition at Rare Device in San Fransisco this past summer.

This piece is ready to hang, inserting a framing nail (not included with purchase) through the metal clasp at the top of the hoop.  Please do not remove the outer wooden hoop from the piece, the embroidery hoop, originally a tool for holding the fabric taught for embroidering, now serves as a frame.  

This is an art object and must be treated delicately.  Pulling on or otherwise disturbing the threads on the front or back of the piece could cause damage.

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