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I hope you enjoy this bonus tutorial!


Poppy patch tutorial

Get a little more out of your June Poppy Pattern and keep making with this Poppy Patch Tutorial!

What you'll need:

  • The June #SKBDIY Poppy Pattern
  • The basic embroidery materials and tools listed in the June Poppy Pattern.
  • Basic crafting felt. (This material is usually available in crafting or sewing stores and is sold in both small sheets and by the yard.)


  1. Stitch the poppies according to the instructions included in your #SKBDIY June Poppies Pattern. In the image to the left, I am making patches from isolated flowers stitched in 3 inch hoops (the mint fabric) and from flowers stitched exactly as they were arranged in the original pattern.
  2. Decide how much of a border of fabric you want around your embroidered poppy and cut out the flower using sharp scissors.
  3. Next, cut out a piece of felt slightly larger than your cut out flower.
  4. Pin your poppy to the felt and satin stitch around the edge of the cut fabric to permanently attach the poppy to the felt. Remove the pins.
  5. You did it! Now you can stitch your patch onto your favorite tote or jacket and when people compliment you, you can say you made it!


Please share your work with the #skbdiy and #somesummerstitching tags on social media!